day&time 10/8 09:30-12:00 [JST]
place the old yamaguchi bank in Shimonoseki[Japan], Chicago and Berlin

Chicago Calling Festival presents : Aural Architecture

Thursday, October 7, 2010
7:30 p.m. EST

WNUR (89.3 FM) 1877 Campus Drive Evanston, IL 60208 (847) 866-9687
$5 suggested donation for those attending the event. Event can be heard on 89.3FM and on www.wnur.org.

Aural Architecture, which is part of the Fifth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival and Chicago Artists Month, explores sonic properties of buildings and how natural soundscapes relate to the built environment, and includes musicians interacting with buildings’ sounds. A sculptor will present a sculpture that pertains to this theme, and musicians in remote locations will perform together telematically via Skype, with contributions of audio recordings from inside and around buildings.

Julia Miller (guitar), Jeff Carter (sculpture), Satya Gummuluri (vocals), Dan Godston (trumpet), Sarah Ritch (cello), Jayve Montgomery (reeds), and Anthony Poretti (drums) at WNUR;
Annie Goh, Florian Goeschke, Thomas Wochnik, Anna Bäumer, Patrick Muller, Daniel Imhoff, Elen Flügge, Christof Wenta, Damian Rebgetz, and Alexander Sieber, at Berg26 , a 19th Century morgue in Berlin;
Marcos Fernandes and Masashi Heirakuji at the Yamagin Archive in Shimonoseki, Japan;
Audio recording contributions by Barry Blesser, Tony Schwartz and Jimmy Giuffre, and other individuals TBA.

People can attend this event at WNUR, and listeners can tune in to WNUR at 89.3 FM and on www.wnur.org.