products/produces Audio/Visual works based on electronic music. We hold the art event “earth song” with artists/musicians/geeks who extends over the field of music/design/art/dance for purpose of spreading those.


masashi heirakuji a/k/a heirakuG, born 1977, is a electronic musician, designer . He graduated from Chiba University and studied at Inter Medium Institute in Osaka. And he patrticipated frequently in various projects. He currentrly lives and works in Shimonoseki JAPAN now.  He  founded “G-RECORD” in 2008.


2011.05.Yoko Ando installation”Reacting Space for Dividual Behavior”[YCAM]/ masashi heirakuji / sound design @yamaguchi JAPAN
2010.06.ZKM/ heirakuG / audio&visual Live Performance @Karlsruhe GERMANY
2010.06.H2/ heirakuG / audio Live Performance @Augsburg GERMANY
2010.02.extern Audiovisual * play(string _title) / heirakuG /audio&visual Live Performance @Saga JAPAN
2009.12. Re:freq [Kyushu University]/ heirakuG / audio&visual Live Performance @Fukuoka JAPAN
2009.08. Korea-Japan exchange event [Shimonoseki City] / heirakuG /audio&visual Live Performance @Yamaguchi JAPAN
2009.07. earth song / organize, audio&visual Live Performance @Yamaguchi JAPAN
2009.06. session, form, sound [AIAV, yasuyuki nakamura]/soundworkshop @Yamaguchi JAPAN
2008.04. texture/ heirakuG / audio cd Release
2006.03. earth song [w/Apple Store Fukuoka Tenjin]/ heirakuG / LapTop Music Live Performance @FukuokaJAPAN
2002.08. Tokyo Art Jungle, Tokyo Art Train [2dk] / graphic design, web design, assistant direction @Tokyo JAPAN